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Sheep and horse fencing…

Posted on Aug 26 by

This customer in Four Marks, Hampshire need a fence to keep her Horses and Sheep contained and safe. 110cm high horse netting which has squares too small for a horses hoof to get stuck in fixed to naturally long lasting sweet chestnut posts proved to be a cost effective solution. We added a strand of electric fencing to this for added peace of mind. The galvanised gate was chosen without angle bracing for horse safety and because (generally) horses don’t eat galvanised...


Telegraph pole bridge

Posted on Jul 20 by

This was an unusual project for us which drew on a design used constructing footpath bridges for Somerset District council many years ago. The customer required a simple footbridge over a 7m wide section of river he owns near Whitchurch. Despite leaking waders we enjoyed the challenge and the customer was very pleased with the result. The basic design consisted of telegraph poles set 1200mm apart on sleeper bearers clad with 150mm by 50mm decking with weldmesh on top to prevent slipping. This is probably a good example of applying our skills to something a little...


Picket fencing

Posted on Jun 14 by

Picket fencing at Medstead school built in a curve to keep the youngest children safe and secure. As approved contractors we have all the necessary insurance and Health and safety documentation to go with the skill and experience to get the job done. This fence is 1200mm high with appropriate gaps between the pales to reduce the risk of climbing or...


Cleft chestnut fencing

Posted on May 3 by

We really enjoyed constructing this fencing near Fareham in Hampshire. Traditional Oak posts with cleft sweet chestnut rails . This fence requires an eye for levels and shapes and curves which is not needed for anything else we do . I think that’s why we like it so much and why it’s so popular with our...